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Eligibility for Assisted Living

Here are some of the signs that will tell you your loved one could be eligible for assisted living:

  • He/she needs more help than what the family and friends around can provide.
  • He/she feels lonely or isolated when left alone at home.
  • He/she is worried about his own safety.
  • He/she gets tired of maintaining a home.
  • He/she finds transportation difficult.
  • His/her refrigerator is empty or has lots of spoiled food most of the time because he finds it hard to shop or cook for himself, letting him eat less and lost weight.
  • He/she has frequent bruises, which means he could hurt himself from falling and other mobility or balancing problems.
  • He/she wears the same clothes over and over again because he doesn’t care about his hygiene anymore or he simply finds doing laundry and taking a bath challenging.
  • He/she seems depressed, which is a common emotion for seniors who are alone and isolated.
  • He/she shows some strange behavior, like dressing inappropriately for a particular weather.
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